Selected Group Exhibitions

‘Cinaesthesia’ part of The Atlantic Project at Millennium Building- Plymouth, UK (2018)

‘Colores ESENCIALES’ at Factoria Habana- Havana, Cuba (2011)

‘Roots in the Air, Branches Below: Modern and Contemporary Art from India’ at San Jose Museum of Art- San Jose, USA (2011)

‘Breaking Ground: Contemporary Landscapes’ at Art Gallery of Peterborough- Peterborough, Canada (2009)

‘A Long Short Cut’ at Gallery Hasta- Hyderabad, India (2009)

‘De-Sizing’ at Jehangir Nicholson Gallery (Nat. Ctr. of Per. Arts)- Mumbai, India (2007)

‘Look Again’ at Gallery Hasta- Hyderabad, India (2007)

‘Artists’ Lens’ at ICCR Gallery- Hyderabad, India (2006)

‘Cities’ at Bombay Art Gallery- Mumbai, India (2006)

‘Works in Large Format’ at Gallery Beyond- Mumbai, India (2006)

‘Big Wheel’ at 425 Adelaide West- Toronto, Canada (1997)


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